The Surgeons at Euro Surgeon are the original developers of navigation systems for European vehicles. We've created solutions for Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW and many more brands, which are unique to vehicles imported from Japan to New Zealand. Our task is to make your vehicle as similar to NZ new spec as possible.

There is no need to use aftermarket navigation such as Garmin, Navman or TomTom, when your in built car entertainment system can perform the same task with convenience of using steering buttons to control it.

   Factory OEM Solution

  Original Hardware

  Designed & Supported Locally

  Passion Driven Team

   Ease of use

Our goal towards our clients is to resolve all vehicle repair issues in a warm and professional environment to inspire their delight every time. For our employees, we strive to provide the best conditions and equipments to create extremely satisfied and loyal customers. In contrast, battery disconnect issues may cause variety of difficulties and problems-.

Issues like air conditioning breaking down, power accessory malfunctions, false warning lights and even lead to damage of featured electric modules.

Successful Navigation & Radio conversions and counting

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