The Shiny Yellow Mk5 Pirelli

It’s hard to miss this bright yellow VW Golf Mk5 GTI Pirelli Edition! It came in to us stock standard needing some love, and we set out to make it shine! It was booked in at our Service Centre for the maintenance side of things, and then the tuning at our dedicated Performance Centre utilising our in house Mainline dyno.
At first glance a visual inspection and scan was done for any fault codes. After this, it was on to the dyno and our first initial base run gave us a figure of 203WHP. Although not being as smooth of a graph, this was expected due to the fact that it needed some maintenance. Logging the vehicle we found no immediate areas of major concern, apart from a leaking PCV valve, so it was off the dyno and off to the Service Centre.
Some things on the to do list were: coolant, PCV valve, brake fluid, carbon clean (walnut blast), spark plugs, DSG service, oil service using Motul 300V 5W40, cam follower, dipstick tube, and lower control arm bushes.
Once back at the Performance Centre, we fitted a 3″ high-flow catted downpipe, cold air intake, and rolled it back onto the dyno to do a custom stage 2 ECU and DSG tune. The results were what we would expect from this platform, with the end result a massive 275WHP!
Mk5 Pirelli Dyno Graph
The next stage for this vehicle is Stage 2+, which requires upgraded fuel pump internals (already on order), and should push power up to the 300WHP mark safely. Some more add ons to this vehicle will be an intercooler upgrade, and upgraded charge pipe and throttle pipe.

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