Michael Kuzla

Mercedes-Benz Specialist Technician
With an extreme passion for fabrication and attention to detail, Michael ensures any Mercedes-Benz gets gold star treatment at EuroSurgeon.

Zan Mirkovic

Engine Rebuilding Specialist Technician
Zan loves the in-depth and detailed work of engine building, giving us even more capabilities when it comes to meeting your vehicle needs.

Charlie Sittiratana

Workshop Manager
Charlie has been around the car scene for years, both racing and modifying vehicles.

Richard Gebhardt

VW and Audi Brand Manager
With a personal in-depth knowledge of VW and Audi, Richard has owned multiple beautifully tuned examples of both.

Nick Josephs

Service Centre Technician
Nick has a brilliant mechanical mind and a deep passion for motorsport – a genuine asset to our team.