VW’s All-purpose Transporter

VW T5 Facelift


Although the T5 was launched in 2002, production for the van didn’t begin until 2003. The van was available globally, excluding the United States due to the 25% extra chicken tax on importation costs.

T5 Transporters were available in various configurations such as the Van, Minibus, Single-cab, Double-cab, Drop side or Chassis Truck. It was also available as a people carrier with various seating options, which were also known as the Shuttle, Kombi, Caravelle, and Multivan.

Volkswagen released a new version of the T5 Transporter which is often referred to as the T5 Facelift (which this is one of), due to the cosmetic changes made to the front of the vehicle. It included small changes such as traction control and daytime running lights, but the most significant change was the addition of an upgraded engine. The easiest way to spot the difference between the T5 and T5 Facelift is to look at the front edge of the bonnet above the VW badge. The T5 has a small cutout whereas the T5 Facelift does not.

This particular vehicle came in to us to have suspension bushes replaced and to receive a Stage 1 ECU tune. This is a pretty basic and straight forward modification on the T5, requiring no additional hardware. It gives it that extra push of torque and horsepower that it was lacking from factory. Cool looking in black, it’s definitely our favourite people mover!

Hyping Up A Hot Hatch

VW Mk6 Golf R

This car came in to us 100% stock standard, and the customer wanted more power after seeing the results on previous R’s we had done. The Stage 2 option is probably our most popular option and really livens up the car with basic upgrades. Our Stage 2 cars with full weight on 98 pump gas average 1/4 mile times of 13 seconds – which makes for quite a fast little hatch! Even after more than half a year, the car was still making the same reliable power after we logged it for a health check on our in house Mainline dyno. The car will be back for more modifications yet – potentially a Stage 3 package which will require a bigger turbo with additional supporting mods!

The Shiny Yellow Mk5 Pirelli

It’s hard to miss this bright yellow VW Golf Mk5 GTI Pirelli Edition! It came in to us stock standard needing some love, and we set out to make it shine! It was booked in at our Service Centre for the maintenance side of things, and then the tuning at our dedicated Performance Centre utilising our in house Mainline dyno.
At first glance a visual inspection and scan was done for any fault codes. After this, it was on to the dyno and our first initial base run gave us a figure of 203WHP. Although not being as smooth of a graph, this was expected due to the fact that it needed some maintenance. Logging the vehicle we found no immediate areas of major concern, apart from a leaking PCV valve, so it was off the dyno and off to the Service Centre.
Some things on the to do list were: coolant, PCV valve, brake fluid, carbon clean (walnut blast), spark plugs, DSG service, oil service using Motul 300V 5W40, cam follower, dipstick tube, and lower control arm bushes.
Once back at the Performance Centre, we fitted a 3″ high-flow catted downpipe, cold air intake, and rolled it back onto the dyno to do a custom stage 2 ECU and DSG tune. The results were what we would expect from this platform, with the end result a massive 275WHP!
Mk5 Pirelli Dyno Graph
The next stage for this vehicle is Stage 2+, which requires upgraded fuel pump internals (already on order), and should push power up to the 300WHP mark safely. Some more add ons to this vehicle will be an intercooler upgrade, and upgraded charge pipe and throttle pipe.

VW Amarok Performance Tuning

The all-time Euro-loving tradie favorite. The only Euro ute out there. (The Mercedes X-Class is a Navara, so that doesn’t really count!)

For years VW stuck to their simple and quite classic design of the truck that sees plenty of towing, dirt bikes, boats and tools. All is good, apart from a lack of power. The 2.0L engine makes just enough to get it moving, but goes nowhere near making it “exciting”. Add a partially blocked DPF and dying EGR valve and you have a big slug. But not all is lost!


Amarok Tuning Dyno

This particular truck got a major lift kit, flares and wheels done by our friends at Autostance. We had the performance side covered. With that now matching the looks, the outcome is sharper throttle response, proper spool and acceleration that is more like a TDI Audi than a truck.

Volkswagen Mk6 Golf GTI ECU Performance Tune

Light-weight and an adequate power plant make it a joy to drive, although at times you get a feeling that the car is not giving you 100% of it’s capability. The reason for this is a rather simple one – it’s hiding another 47HP and 95Nm from stock. All of a sudden the sheer acceleration gets you to hold your breath as the pedal is squeezed!