VW Amarok Performance tuning.

The all time euro loving tradie favorite. The only Euro Ute out there. Merc X-Class is a Navara, so that doesn’t really count.

For years VW stuck to their simple and quite classic design of the truck, that sees plenty of towing, dirt bikes, boats and tools. All is good, apart from lack of power. 2l makes just enough to get it moving, but nowhere near of making it “exciting”. Add a partially blocked DPF and dying EGR Valve and you have a big slug. Not all lost.


Amarok Tuning Dyno
Show by Autostance and Go by ESP

The particular truck got a major lift kit, flares and wheels done by our friends at Autostance. We got the performance side covered.

Performance is now matching the looks. Sharper throttle response, proper spool and the acceleration that is more like TDI Audi than a truck.

This 2.0 diesel amarok came with one of the most common 140hp versions, results below.

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