Hyping Up A Hot Hatch

VW Mk6 Golf R

This car came in to us 100% stock standard, and the customer wanted more power after seeing the results on previous R’s we had done. The Stage 2 option is probably our most popular option and really livens up the car with basic upgrades. Our Stage 2 cars with full weight on 98 pump gas average 1/4 mile times of 13 seconds – which makes for quite a fast little hatch! Even after more than half a year, the car was still making the same reliable power after we logged it for a health check on our in house Mainline dyno. The car will be back for more modifications yet – potentially a Stage 3 package which will require a bigger turbo with additional supporting mods!

Volkswagen Mk6 Golf GTI ECU Performance Tune

Light-weight and an adequate power plant make it a joy to drive, although at times you get a feeling that the car is not giving you 100% of it’s capability. The reason for this is a rather simple one – it’s hiding another 47HP and 95Nm from stock. All of a sudden the sheer acceleration gets you to hold your breath as the pedal is squeezed!