VW Amarok Performance Tuning

The all-time Euro-loving tradie favorite. The only Euro ute out there. (The Mercedes X-Class is a Navara, so that doesn’t really count!)

For years VW stuck to their simple and quite classic design of the truck that sees plenty of towing, dirt bikes, boats and tools. All is good, apart from a lack of power. The 2.0L engine makes just enough to get it moving, but goes nowhere near making it “exciting”. Add a partially blocked DPF and dying EGR valve and you have a big slug. But not all is lost!


Amarok Tuning Dyno

This particular truck got a major lift kit, flares and wheels done by our friends at Autostance. We had the performance side covered. With that now matching the looks, the outcome is sharper throttle response, proper spool and acceleration that is more like a TDI Audi than a truck.

Volkswagen Amarok TDI ECU Performance Tune


Whether your Amarok is your work ute, weekend hauler, or family wagon, they remain an excellent tow rig.

Driving Amaroks has the tendency to become a tiny bit infuriating. when you realise that 2 tons do require some additional time to get off the line and move. That passing lane does require good roll on well in advance.

We are not reinventing VWs by any means, we are refining them to achieve up to an extra 28 Hp and 65 Nm of torque. All of a sudden a big truck feels like a car, responding a lot quicker and gets a smile every time you take it for a drive.