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Here at EuroSurgeon we look at ECU tuning and remapping in a unique way. We don?t take it as a single exercise of just flashing your car’s computer and calling it a day.

  • 1Simply call or message us to arrange a time to visit our Performance Centre
  • 2Have a coffee with us and let us know what you’re after
  • 3Come for a drive in one of our tuned cars and feel the results for yourself
  • 4Switch to one of our European loan cars and get on with your day
  • 5We will contact you when the job is complete and your vehicle is ready for collection
  • 6We review your results with you, then you test drive your vehicle and we watch you smile!

Most engines are dialed down from the factory in order for them to meet emission standards set for brand new cars. They also need to meet power to displacement ratio numbers in order to decrease tax on a vehicle.

Our EuroSurgeons help you safely unlock the potential that is hiding in your engine by chipping / remapping your engine’s ECU. What’s the point of paying for a leopard and getting a kitten?!

But it’s not all about the numbers. We do not chase huge gains in HP and torque. Our philosophy behind ECU remapping is getting well balanced performance, with linear power delivery and sharp throttle response – all within safe factory specification limits.

For example, an Audi A6 4.2L V8 surely doesn’t lack power on straight roads like the Autobahn. However in New Zealand driving conditions with our stop-start traffic, it’s the torque and smoothness that count. ECU remapping added 18hp and 47Nm of torque, and it all comes as a package with instant throttle response, linear power delivery and an increased feel of the road.

Assured, Precise ECU Tuning – Safety First!

We strive to provide the safest ECU tuning possible without major hardware upgrades. If you would like to have minor modifications coded into the vehicle ECU, simply let us know.

successful ECU tunes – and counting!
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