Range Rover Sport TDV6 diesel tuning

Range Rover tuning is far from new. Since the days of rugged Discovery the diesel Land Rover always had massive potential.

Slightly more refined and suburban jungle orientated than the Discovery, the Range Rover Sport is happy to be driven around the city streets but has the flexibility to be taken up the mountain on the weekend or be loaded with a trailer heading off to Hampton Downs. Sometimes you just wish that it didn’t take 10.3 seconds to get to 100Kph with the pedal planted to the floor! Range rover tuning is a fix for this.

Feel as though you are missing something? You are actually missing a significant 42HP and 50Nm to be precise! A tune can achieve 100Kph in just under 8 secs. To put those figures in some measurable perspective, those are times more commonly associated with lightweight sedans than 4×4’s. The pull, the power, the smile, all of that can be yours.

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