718 Boxster – Porsche Performance with Style

Can you give your Boxster proper Porsche performance? Yes, lets give it 50HP and 110Nm!

Cayman and Boxsters are always left out from Porsche performance conversations. This is because the crown goes to Turbo 911’s, GT3’s and other heavy hitters. It’s a bit like talking about a BMW M3 setting a racetrack lap record but not talking about the 335i being an awesome daily car that can be tracked.

That original hairdresser joke from 2005

Yes, early Boxsters were definately less than enthusiastic cars. While they did have around 240HP to play with, the looks of them were not for everyone. We think that the new generation of Porsche 718’s shouldn’t be dismissed or be classed as that distant relative sitting at the kids table. The 718 Boxster we have today is a very sharp looking, comfortable car that has everything going for it – everything but Porsche performance.

Porsche Exhaust Boxter
One of the sharpest rear ends in class

We have been working with various Porsches for a while. Since the early days of 957 Cayennes to their final version of 958, we always had a passion for the drive-ability of the these cars. So when the 718 surfaced in 2017 in the form of a 2.0L Cayman, joy filled the workshop. Since that day, this Cayman has done 45,000 kilometres with our Porsche Performance Stage 1 tune.

S vs GTS – What’s in the letters?

The Porsche Boxster we have today is a bigger brother to the Boxster S. We have a GTS model, which sits 20mm lower than the Boxster S and has quite a few bells and whistles compared to the S model. Porsche however, did not tinker with the power plant. The factory claims it’s 365HP, which is, supposedly, 15HP more than the Boxster S. To be honest, you will struggle to feel that difference.

Lets make it even

We can level out the playing field for both models with the EuroSurgeon Porsche Performance line-up. Both Boxster S, Boxsters GTS, Cayman S and GTS can go to 400HP and 530Nm of torque. This means a very solid +50HP upgrade for the S and 35HP for the GTS. What makes a tuned Boxter S a true Porsche Performance car is the extra 110Nm of torque. This is a 26% increase in torque on the same hardware. Phenomenal, predictable power delivery for a cruise to Raglan for icecream or to Hampton Downs for a track day.

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