Mercedes A45 Performance and CLA45 Tuning

A45 Performance Tuning

Merc’s Go-cart from Hell!

Mercedes A45 Performance to match the title? Need extra 40hp and 60nm for that.

With an amazing amount of hot hatches on the market here, one may get lost in all the choices. Mercedes was ignoring the hot hatch category until 2014, but once they entered the market, boy did they get it right.

Spacious, nimble, maneuverable and well… somewhat underwhelming. When we drove one many years ago the response was – “Is that all? Really?”

This German idea felt a bit unfinished. Looking at the hardware, everything was there. Decent engine, decent size turbo, only minor restrictions. Excitement? Not quite there. Yes, it had power, but only when up at the redline. Apart from that there was not a lot happening until 5000RPM.

The solution came after a year of development – an A45 and CLA45 tune that would improve the dreaded midrange.

Here are before and after Dyno graphs of Mercedes A45 Performance. Green is stock car, purple is tuned with a catless downpipe and BMC air filter.

Tuned A45 Cla45
CLA45 A45 Dyno Stock vs Tuned WHP (Wheel Horse Power)
A45 Stock vs Tuned Derived Torque LB/FT (torque at wheels)

From the graphs you can spot where the excitement comes from. The difference is 92Nm of torque at the wheels and closer to 110Nm at the engine.

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