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BMW F30 320i Tuning – Two Decades of Development

BMW F30 320i Tuning

Finally BMW F30 320i tuning yields major gains! +70HP and 130Nm of torque.

Its not a suprise that the BMW 320i has been one of the most commonly found Euro cars on New Zealand roads. It’s because they are quite affordable, look the part and are easy to look after.

However the most common question regarding the BMW we get asked is always the same: “Can you make my BMW 320i faster?” For the past decade the answer was almost always a resounding “no”. We could do minor 320i tuning tricks, like improving the accelerator response, getting the maintenance sorted and restoring lost horses over the years. But not much more than that.

For years the 320i required some form of forced induction to make it move. In late 2011/early 2012 our prayers were finally answered with BMW releasing the F30 320i with a turbo. It became an instant hit because of the nice interior, great gearbox and N20 engine that had a little kick to go with it.

In the next few months, people started noticing that the BMW F30 328i had the same engine, however the power output was noticeably higher.

Join Ryan on a full walk-though the power gains of a BMW F30 320i before and after tuning in our video:

Walk through F30 320i tuning options.

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BMW F80 M3 S55 Competition as a Daily Car?

BMW M3 S55 Tuning and performance
F80 M3 performance for daily.

How about getting +75WHP and 105Nm of torque at the wheels for a daily car? Let’s talk about a very capable BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 with the S55 engine.

Whenever someone mentions BMW M3, I get a little over excited. The history, the dedication to motorsport, it being a proper track weapon, the feel of being pushed into the seat sideways. Everything about it is brilliant. What never gets mentioned is living with one on a day to day basis.

What originally has been made to be a homologated race machine progressed through 30 years of evolution with all the necessary creature comforts. With the F80 M3 you get literally everything you need for day-to-day trips. AC, a brilliant sound system, suspension that can make a hangover more tolerable or lock out in race mode, steering to dive into the Countdown carpark slot, and stunning looks. What’s missing? Daily entertaining power.

But can you get more power? Yes.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s got a decent chunk from stock, and on a race track like Hampton Downs, Taupo or Highlands its almost enough. BUT, when you only get an occasional chance to floor it in an overtaking lane or motorway on-ramp its somewhat…uhhh…dull? There is no “Sh#t thats quick!” feel about the F80 M3. But its almost there. Have a look at what we came up with at ESP. A true BMW M3 daily tune – Smooth,, controllable, predictable.

Join Ryan for M3 Competition walk through and dyno.

As you can see from dyno graph – there’s no delayed boost onset, no weird lumps of power. This is because we replicate the factory-designed power delivery. Factory-like power delivery, just a lot more of it! Perfect for getting on those inspirational late night drives through the back roads! Also, very entertaining for a baby seat at the back 😉

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VW’s All-purpose Transporter

VW T5 Facelift


Although the T5 was launched in 2002, production for the van didn’t begin until 2003. The van was available globally, excluding the United States due to the 25% extra chicken tax on importation costs.

T5 Transporters were available in various configurations such as the Van, Minibus, Single-cab, Double-cab, Drop side or Chassis Truck. It was also available as a people carrier with various seating options, which were also known as the Shuttle, Kombi, Caravelle, and Multivan.

Volkswagen released a new version of the T5 Transporter which is often referred to as the T5 Facelift (which this is one of), due to the cosmetic changes made to the front of the vehicle. It included small changes such as traction control and daytime running lights, but the most significant change was the addition of an upgraded engine. The easiest way to spot the difference between the T5 and T5 Facelift is to look at the front edge of the bonnet above the VW badge. The T5 has a small cutout whereas the T5 Facelift does not.

This particular vehicle came in to us to have suspension bushes replaced and to receive a Stage 1 ECU tune. This is a pretty basic and straight forward modification on the T5, requiring no additional hardware. It gives it that extra push of torque and horsepower that it was lacking from factory. Cool looking in black, it’s definitely our favourite people mover!

BMW X5 Diesel Power

BMW X5 Diesel upgrades

Additional 90nm of torque for BMW X5 Diesel? Not a problem.

Since the year 2000 when the first mix of Range Rover technology and BMW’s desire to make an SUV was set in stone, the X5 has been one of the most popular solutions to urban off-roading.

Why so much love for a BMW Diesel X5? The phenomenal value and the utility factor that you get. Trunk space to pack the family for a weekend away. Do the shopping run for a week, or perhaps you need to tow that 2.5 tonne Rayglass? Make it a diesel X5 40D, and it will have enough grunt to tow a house.

Here is full walk through with Ryan covering the improvement potential of an BMW X5 40D in all its glory.

However It’s worth noting, that the BMW 40D in the video still has the factory DPF fitted to it. All original all original parts, including very “special” air filter. Also, this particular truck does not have AdBlue, otherwise it would be safely removed as part of the tune up process.

The BMW X5 comes with quite a few Diesel variants. In the line up you have X5 35d, 30d. The Mac Daddy of all X5s 50D with triple turbo full of major diesel power!

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Hyping Up A Hot Hatch

VW Mk6 Golf R

This car came in to us 100% stock standard, and the customer wanted more power after seeing the results on previous R’s we had done. The Stage 2 option is probably our most popular option and really livens up the car with basic upgrades. Our Stage 2 cars with full weight on 98 pump gas average 1/4 mile times of 13 seconds – which makes for quite a fast little hatch! Even after more than half a year, the car was still making the same reliable power after we logged it for a health check on our in house Mainline dyno. The car will be back for more modifications yet – potentially a Stage 3 package which will require a bigger turbo with additional supporting mods!