Hydrogen Cleaning 101

Cars aren’t a throwaway purchase for most of us. Next to a house, for most people they’re the most expensive thing you’ll ever own (unless your significant other has a particular taste for diamond jewellery). But beyond the regular service intervals, topping up oil and checking tyre pressure before a roadtrip, most of us don’t think much further when it comes to what goes on in an engine. That’s where engine cleaning comes in. Hydrogen Cleaning For the month of July, the EuroSurgeon Performance Centre is offering a Hydrogen Cleaning service free of charge to every car that visits for a tune. It’s a quick and simple way to give your engine internals a spruce up. Think piston surfaces being shiny again, the combustion chamber getting a clear out and most of all think of the tangible results – less vibrations, restored torque and lower emissions. To be absolutely clear, this isn’t a replacement for a Carbon Walnut Clean (another service we offer). The two things aren’t the same at all, despite what many webpages claim. It is an effective piece of good vehicle maintenance that we’ve seen deliver great benefits. Think of it as a valet for your engine – courtesy of the team at EuroSurgeon Performance. To get your car booked in, contact us here or call 0800 DREURO.    

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