Key points and important questions

Sure. Feel free to give us a call on the numbers listed in contact us. Also, feel free to send an iMessage, Viber or WhatsApp messages with photos. The number is 021 227 5081 Ryan
Yes, they can be converted. BMW imported from Japan is still a BMW. No matter what anyone tells you, we can convert the existing hardware installed in Japanese imported European vehicles. For the full list of vehicles that we work on, please have a look at what we do.
No, its permanent. Unless the service place does it on purpose, nothing will happen to your system. We have a lifetime warranty for our conversions, while you own the vehicle. If for any reason somebody messed up the software, we will redo it free of charge.
Definitely. We do have loan cars available. The best idea is to let us know when you would like to come in, so we can make sure there is vehicle availability.
No, we go to extreme lengths to ensure your warranty is still valid, we have been to main dealers to have vehicles checked and had this confirmed, in fact we do work for main dealers.
Depending upon your car, most jobs can be done in half a day, however please give us a call to get a good estimate of time for each model.
Yes no problem, click here for online manuals, or contact us if you cannot find the answer you need.

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