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With a heavy hitter like Bentley on top of the food chain one may think that all power has been given to you from factory. Its actually far from it.

Lets take a Bentley Continental GT with factory output of 560hp, this model is one of the most popular on NZ Streets. Brilliant W12 6 litre Bi-Turbo engine, but only 560hp?
It is, in fact, the identical engine to the bigger brother that has 630hp to start with, but simply electronically limited in the engine management unit. This is when we come in. Not only we can get you to 630 hp, but a mild safe tuning on Bentley gets you full 680HP abd up to 900nm of torque, without modifying hardware. Combine a tune with Low resistance air filter like BMC and you have major power at your disposal without spending another $30,000 on next model up.

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