BMW X5 Diesel Power

Additional 90nm of torque for BMW X5 Diesel? Not a problem.

Since the year 2000 when the first mix of Range Rover technology and BMW’s desire to make an SUV was set in stone, the X5 has been one of the most popular solutions to urban off-roading.

Why so much love for a BMW Diesel X5? The phenomenal value and the utility factor that you get. Trunk space to pack the family for a weekend away. Do the shopping run for a week, or perhaps you need to tow that 2.5 tonne Rayglass? Make it a diesel X5 40D, and it will have enough grunt to tow a house.

Here is full walk through with Ryan covering the improvement potential of an BMW X5 40D in all its glory.

However It’s worth noting, that the BMW 40D in the video still has the factory DPF fitted to it. All original all original parts, including very “special” air filter. Also, this particular truck does not have AdBlue, otherwise it would be safely removed as part of the tune up process.

The BMW X5 comes with quite a few Diesel variants. In the line up you have X5 35d, 30d. The Mac Daddy of all X5s 50D with triple turbo full of major diesel power!

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