BMW F80 M3 S55 Competition as a Daily Car?

How about getting +75WHP and 105Nm of torque at the wheels for a daily car? Let’s talk about a very capable BMW F80 M3 and F82 M4 with the S55 engine.

Whenever someone mentions BMW M3, I get a little over excited. The history, the dedication to motorsport, it being a proper track weapon, the feel of being pushed into the seat sideways. Everything about it is brilliant. What never gets mentioned is living with one on a day to day basis.

What originally has been made to be a homologated race machine progressed through 30 years of evolution with all the necessary creature comforts. With the F80 M3 you get literally everything you need for day-to-day trips. AC, a brilliant sound system, suspension that can make a hangover more tolerable or lock out in race mode, steering to dive into the Countdown carpark slot, and stunning looks. What’s missing? Daily entertaining power.

But can you get more power? Yes.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s got a decent chunk from stock, and on a race track like Hampton Downs, Taupo or Highlands its almost enough. BUT, when you only get an occasional chance to floor it in an overtaking lane or motorway on-ramp its somewhat…uhhh…dull? There is no “Sh#t thats quick!” feel about the F80 M3. But its almost there. Have a look at what we came up with at ESP. A true BMW M3 daily tune – Smooth,, controllable, predictable.

Join Ryan for M3 Competition walk through and dyno.

As you can see from dyno graph – there’s no delayed boost onset, no weird lumps of power. This is because we replicate the factory-designed power delivery. Factory-like power delivery, just a lot more of it! Perfect for getting on those inspirational late night drives through the back roads! Also, very entertaining for a baby seat at the back 😉

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