Macan Diesel – Your Daily Performance SUV

Can a diesel Macan have Panamera performance? Yes it can. All the way to 310HP and 650Nm of torque!

Macan Tuning
The Macan on the dyno at the EuroSurgeon Performance Centre

Another Porsche SUV?

Let’s go on a little trip down the memory lane. It’s 2006. Some whale got stranded in the River Thames in London. Borat came out and put Kazakhstan on the international stage for a variety of reasons. Google purchased YouTube. New Zealand wins 31 medals at the Commonwealth Games. They were simpler times – life was good.

There was one more event in 2006. Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet, and without any correlation to that, an Audi designer drafts up a slightly smaller version of the Audi Q7 – which is about the same size as an average planet. The Q5 is the beginning of a new class of vehicles – the mini-SUV.

The Audi Q5 concept drawing

Fast forward to 2012 and the Porsche division drafts up the concept for the Macan based on the Q5 skeleton. With its release in late 2013, the Macan becomes Porsche’s top selling model. It is still the most sold Porsche in the world, followed closely by the Cayenne and the Panamera.

Is it good?

It’s not a Porsche top seller for nothing! The handling is sedan-like, the suspension is perfect for anything from motorway to light off-road, and there’s loads of boot space for the weekly trip to Countdown or a trip to Rotorua.

The diesel Macan has a little pitfall, and that is its power output. Some came with a 211HP engine and others with 258HP. A diesel Macan with 211HP is a bit infuriating, and takes a while to get used to since the performance doesn’t match the brand. The 258hHP version is a bit better, but still lacks a bit of Porsche performance feel to it. Many forums got filled with people looking to make it more…. “Porsche”?

Is there a fix?

From 2015, EuroSurgeon has loved working with diesel Macans. The power goal is already available and performs well – the Porsche Panamera – that puts out 300HP from the factory. Luckily there are a great bonus of shared components, and we’ve already had a good track record with getting performance upgrades on the Audi Q5 that shares the 3.0L TDI engine with the Macan.

The end result is nothing short of phenomenal. With the EuroSurgeon Porsche Performance package, the Macan now sports 310HP and 650Nm of torque. The power delivery is now your choice, controlled entirely by the accelerator. Would you like a feeling of a jet plane taking off? No problem – just push the pedal all the way in. A quick overtake in a passing lane? With that much torque, 50% throttle will suffice. Are you towing a trailer? Uphill through the Kaimai Ranges won’t be a problem.

One of the commonly reported things with the Macan diesel tuning from ESP is the sheer joy of driving the car. It actually becomes extremely hard to replace a tuned Diesel Macan, as there is not much left to try on the market that would come close to the power, drive-ability, control and comfort.

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718 Boxster – Porsche Performance with Style

Can you give your Boxster proper Porsche performance? Yes, lets give it 50HP and 110Nm!

Porsche Dyno
718 Boxster GTS getting ready for a dyno session

Cayman and Boxsters are always left out from Porsche performance conversations. This is because the crown goes to Turbo 911’s, GT3’s and other heavy hitters. It’s a bit like talking about a BMW M3 setting a racetrack lap record but not talking about the 335i being an awesome daily car that can be tracked.

That original hairdresser joke from 2005

Yes, early Boxsters were definately less than enthusiastic cars. While they did have around 240HP to play with, the looks of them were not for everyone. We think that the new generation of Porsche 718’s shouldn’t be dismissed or be classed as that distant relative sitting at the kids table. The 718 Boxster we have today is a very sharp looking, comfortable car that has everything going for it – everything but Porsche performance.

Porsche Exhaust Boxter
One of the sharpest rear ends in class

We have been working with various Porsches for a while. Since the early days of 957 Cayennes to their final version of 958, we always had a passion for the drive-ability of the these cars. So when the 718 surfaced in 2017 in the form of a 2.0L Cayman, joy filled the workshop. Since that day, this Cayman has done 45,000 kilometres with our Porsche Performance Stage 1 tune.

S vs GTS – What’s in the letters?

The Porsche Boxster we have today is a bigger brother to the Boxster S. We have a GTS model, which sits 20mm lower than the Boxster S and has quite a few bells and whistles compared to the S model. Porsche however, did not tinker with the power plant. The factory claims it’s 365HP, which is, supposedly, 15HP more than the Boxster S. To be honest, you will struggle to feel that difference.

Lets make it even

We can level out the playing field for both models with the EuroSurgeon Porsche Performance line-up. Both Boxster S, Boxsters GTS, Cayman S and GTS can go to 400HP and 530Nm of torque. This means a very solid +50HP upgrade for the S and 35HP for the GTS. What makes a tuned Boxter S a true Porsche Performance car is the extra 110Nm of torque. This is a 26% increase in torque on the same hardware. Phenomenal, predictable power delivery for a cruise to Raglan for icecream or to Hampton Downs for a track day.

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Hot/Cold Flashes? Air Conditioner needs some love.

Audi AC refill and air conditioning testing
Audi AirCon Refill at EuroSurgeon

What Do Unevenly Hot or Cold Spots in air conditioner Mean?

We are living in a world where we can do many things that were once believed to be impossible, and controlling the car temperature is one of those. Air conditioner has changed our way of living because today, we don’t need to cope with the scorching heat of summers. There’s no need to worry about what the outside temperature is with air conditioner. The only concern with air-conditioning systems is that they start misbehaving when used inappropriately.

BMW Air Conditioning

Now the question is, what’s the reason behind the presence of hot or cold spots in vents? It is because your air-conditioner is failing to maintain a balanced airflow in your system and you might need an AC service. Generally, manufacturers suggest this should occur every 2 years. 

So, why is Air Conditioner temperature being uneven?

Just why is your air-conditioner unable to maintain an equally balanced temperature?

  • Reason 1: Refrigerant level is low – this is the most common reason for an inefficient system
  • Reason 2: Your air-conditioning system has a fault. This could be as simple as a faulty temperature sensor, through to a blocked thermal expansion (TX) valve.

Symptoms of AC needing help.

Points to look out for which will indicate an issue include:

  • Hissing sounds from the vents while using your AC
  • Difficulty demisting the front windscreen
  • Blowing warm air from one side
  • A flashing AC light

If you have any of these symptoms get in touch sooner rather than later. Your refrigerant is also the lubrication for your air conditioner compressor, so if this is low you are risking damaging the system further every time you use the AC.

At EuroSurgeon Service centre our team would be happy to inspect and diagnose any air conditioning repairs. We work with most major mechanical warranty companies,

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Time for Detox – Carbon Build up cleaning and nuts.

Carbon buildup cleaning
Before and after walnut blast

What is carbon and why does it build up?

Carbon build up is a relatively new issue. Carbon is a mixture of by products. Modern vehicles use direct injection for efficiency, as well as exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) effectively which effectively pump dirty air into the intake manifold full of engine fumes, this ensures great efficiency for emissions. Without going too technical – The video below explains it in simple terms.

Why do i need it?

Early vehicles pumped fuel to back of the valves, called port injection, this had cleaning agents in the fuel, and as the fuel hit the back of the valve helped keep the ports and valves clean. This no longer happens with direct injection engines, because the injector is no longer spraying the intake valves.

Difference between direct injection and port injection
Port Injection VS Direct Injection

Walnut blasting VS the rest.

There are a few methods the industry can use to clean carbon buildup. Hydrogen oxygen, fuel additives – even an intake spray can. Unfortunately there is no way to eat away at the solid carbon build up that forms around the valves and ports without physically accessing them to blast them clean. Walnut blasting enables us to do just that, and the before and after results speak for themselves.

Will walnut damage my car?

Carbon cleaning uses walnut solely because it is a non abrasive media, meaning should any get in the cylinder it will just burn or get blown out the exhaust valves without causing any damage.

walnut shell media
Walnut blasting media

Noticeable difference? YES.

The luxury of having a dyno in our performance centre, we have managed to measure the benefits. One example was a 4.2l Audi RS4, we recover through maintenance, simply new spark plugs, and walnut blasting 50whp, close to 20% recovered power.

Tuned BMW 335i with N54 stage 2 engine can gain up to 50-60hp from carbon cleaning, by eliminating the flow restrictions caused by excessive carbon build up.


What cars benefit? Most of the Direct injection vehicles, which essentially is almost every vehicle made after 2006. Cars that have severe build up issues: BMW 335i with N55 and N54 engines. Audi B7 RS4 with 4.2 V8. Supercharged 3.0 TFSI Audis, Mercedes C63 with M156 naturally aspirated 6.2 V8 engine. 2.0 Turbo VW Range.

How long will it take? Depending on the vehicle, this can often be completed in a day.

Packages? Yes, talk to one of our crew members. We could tailor a package with servicing, repairs, carbon cleaning, Dyno logging and tuning all at the same time.

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Mercedes C220 CDI – AdBlue and Performance

Mercedes adblue and performance
Bluetec Mercedes at EuroSurgeon Performance

Can a little Mercedes C220 CDI hide some extra power from you? Yes – it can and it does. It hides at least +50HP and +60Nm of torque.

Small diesel engines have traditionally been the staple of VW, but Mercedes has their own answer now. Their small, efficient and well-rounded 2200CC diesel unit can be found in the W205 C220 CDI (or C250 CDI as it’s known in Europe) – the same power plant is spread between a few different shapes.

When you get to drive one, you get a feeling that it’s nice. However there are no other words that come to mind. Just…nice. Not exciting, not quick. Just…nice. The sort of feeling you get from a plain rice cracker – it lacks a topping. Any topping!

Let’s take a look at the Mercedes C220 CDI we had in the workshop. This car got delivered as a non-runner after sitting for two years outside. The poor rice cracker grew some mould and became home for little spider family.

W205 C220 CDI brought back to life.

Why AdBlue Doesn’t Work…

One of the major issues with cars that are equipped with the AdBlue additive system? – The fluid is highly corrosive and dries out. Dried out AdBlue turns into strong crystallized mesh. In turn, this jams the AdBlue tank level sensor, and because the sensor is a non-serviceable item welded to the tank itself, the repair is usually north of $6,000+GST. As an option, we can switch it off and the car will not have it any longer.

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