Mercedes Benz A45 and CLA45 tuning, or how to scare Golfs.

A45 Performance Tuning

Merc’s go cart from hell.

With amazing amount of hot hatches on the market there one may get lost in options. However Mercedes was ignoring the hot hatch category until 2014. And boy did they get it right.

Spacious, nimble, maneuverable and well… Somewhat underwhelming. When we drove one many years ago the response was – Is that all? Really?

Germans idea felt a bit unfinished. Looking at hardware – everything was there. Decent engine, Decent size turbo, only minor restrictions. Excitement – not quite there. Yes, it had power, but only when would out to the redline, apart from that there was not a lot happening until 5000 RPM.

Solution came after a year of development. A45 and CLA45 tune that would improve the dreaded midrange.

Here are before and after Dyno graphs. Green is Stock Car, Purple is Tuned with catless downpipe and BMC Air Filter.

Tuned A45 Cla45
CLA45 A45 Dyno Stock vs Tuned WHP (Wheel Horse Power)
A45 Stock VS Tuned Derived Torque LB/FT (torque at wheels)

From the graphs you can spot where excitement comes from. Difference is 92nm of torque at the wheels. Closer to 110nm at the engine.

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Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 ECU Performance Tune

Slightly more refined and suburban jungle orientated than the Discovery the Range Rover Sport is happy to be driven around the city streets but has the flexibility to be taken up the mountain on the weekend or be loaded with a trailer heading off to hampton downs. Sometimes you just wish that it didn’t take 10.3 seconds to get to 100Kph with the pedal planted to the floor!

Feel as though you are missing something? You are actually missing a significant 86 Hp and 83 Nm to be precise!  A tune can achieve 100Kph in just under 8 secs. To put those figures in some measureable perspective those are times more commonly associated with lightweight sedans than 4×4’s. The pull, the power, the smile, all of that can be yours, just give us a call.

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG ECU Performance Tune

Let’s examine one conspiracy theory. It is a popular held belief that “special release” models are faster and for that you need to fork out another $50k. Let’s call it a “marketing ploy”.

What is it going to take  for your C63 to go from being stock to achieving the power produced by that of the “507 Special Edition”? An ECU remap by EuroSurgeon is the answer! You didn’t buy a C63 to drive it to Pak’nSave and back – you got it to enjoy that chill-inducing V8 rumble and to genuinely love the driving experience. So why not add another 55HP and 53Nm to it?

Audi Q7 TDI ECU Performance Tune


The Audi Q7 – the perfect multi-tasker. Ideal for taking the whole family to the Coromandel for the weekend, but it has the ability to tow dual horse floats for days on end. Whether it be taking the kids on the school run or heading away on a skiing adventure, the Q7 always needs to perform at its best.

There’s just one catch though – it’s a heavy car! Weighing just shy of 2,500 kg it needs all the power it can get. While the factory mapped engine does an adequate job of getting it to move, it still leaves a lot to be desired.  We can achieve up to 40HP and 80Nm of torque from the standard 3.0L TDI or 55HP and 130Nm from the 4.2L TDI. And while we’re at it, we can sort out a rather annoying accelerator delay.

Volkswagen Amarok TDI ECU Performance Tune


Whether your Amarok is your work ute, weekend hauler, or family wagon,  they remain an excellent tow rig.

Driving Amaroks has the tendency to become a tiny bit infuriating. when you realise that 2 tons do require some additional time to get off the line and move. That passing lane does require good roll on well in advance.

We are not reinventing VWs by any means, we are refining them to achieve up to an extra 28 Hp and 65 Nm of torque.  All of a sudden a big truck feels like a car, responding a lot quicker and gets a smile every time you take it for a drive.

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Mercedes-Benz C200 CDI ECU Performance Tune

Keeping it simple, nimble and comfortable is a well balanced act found in each Mercedes-Benz Diesel. Most of the time, no one will actually pick up that you drive a diesel. Feel like somebody robbed you of a bit of excitement from driving it?  The cure for that comes from fixing the accelerator response and adding around 64HP and 90Nm of torque to it.

Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 ECU Performance Tune

The Discovery is one of our favourite trucks! A great roomy, multi-functional all rounder – not slow, but it does feel like the truck is a little sleepy most of the time!  After the tune, a huge difference is noted on take-off. No more hesitant two second delays when taking off from the lights, mid-range boost rolls on and stays on without drop offs, creating more of a car like feel than that of a 2.2 ton offroader. As an extra bonus we get an added 25HP and 60Nm of torque with a 1.8L improvement on fuel economy! Towing a boat or horse float just became a hell of alot easier.

Jaguar XF 3.0D ECU Performance Tune

Combining a reasonably lightweight body and rather impressive appearance, the Jaguar XF is a good all rounder, although sadly an all rounder without an edge! It’s good, but not worthy of huge excitement. How about 292HP vs 211HP at stock and 573Nm VS 450Nm at stock? This places it into a completely different league where only a select few will ever be achieving the complete package – power comfort and refinement!

Audi 3.0 TFSI ECU Performance Tune

Stage 1 – Hidden ECU Remap

The Audi 3.0 TFSI engine is one of those rare experiments gone right for Audi. VAG know the ropes of turbo setups and fast naturally-aspirated V8s, so the release of a supercharger was slightly unusual for them. The ‘T’ in ‘TFSI’, “no longer stands for turbo, but rather the concept of supercharging in general.” Figure that one out. 

Since the release in August 2008 at the Moscow International Motor Show, it’s been installed in almost every Audi model. Grunty, nimble, and with plenty of potential, Audi’s A6, A7, SQ5, Q7, S4 and S5 models all have them. While gains vary between models and ECU types, let’s look at one of the more common cars on New Zealand roads – the early version S4.

Stock: 329HP and and 440Nm of torque. Enough? No, definitely not! Somebody stole another 80HP and 80Nm torque from you! The culprits are: tax regulations for power output, different fuel programmings and the fact that Audi still needs tomarket the RS4 as the fastest A4. 

Stage 2 – Or How to Scare RS4’s

But wait, there’s more – quite a bit more! At this point, minor hidden mods come into play. A smaller supercharger pulley, suitable supercharger belt, panel filter, and of course a bespoke ECU remap from EuroSurgeon, 

Right at this stage, you’ll have RS4 power and with some quality fuel you will be solid 0.4 seconds quicker at quarter mile run. We would also recommend remapping the transmission to help with shift times and patterns. 

One bonus mod you could do is a stunning APR Carbonio Intake, giving you that chill inducing supercharger whine. We are an authorised APR Dealer and usually have these in stock. 

BMW 335i ECU and Alpina Transmission Tune

ESP 335i N54 Drag race
Our shop car (’06 N54) sending smoke signals. Last ET 12.024

ECU Tuning of a 335i is a prime example of a well responsive engine

Let’s look at the numbers:
Stock: 306HP or 225kW and 400Nm of torque
EuroSurgeon Tuned: 370HP or 272kW and 500Nm of torque

The end result is breathtaking acceleration, pull from any gear and a very linear torque curve. The remap includes adjustment to the throttle position, meaning there’s no delay when the loud pedal is pressed! But the fun doesn’t end there: for 335i’s produced from March 2007 onward, the Alpina B3 transmission flash is also available.

  • Faster shifts
  • Almost no loss of power in between shifts
  • Almost no torque limiter
  • Faster launches
  • Faster paddle response times
  • Center cluster will now show D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6 rather than just D

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