Audi 3.0 TFSI ECU Performance Tune

Stage 1 – Hidden ECU Remap

The Audi 3.0 TFSI engine is one of those rare experiments gone right for Audi. VAG know the ropes of turbo setups and fast naturally-aspirated V8s, so the release of a supercharger was slightly unusual for them. The ‘T’ in ‘TFSI’ no longer stands for turbo, but rather the concept of supercharging in general. Figure that one out!

Since the release in August 2008 at the Moscow International Motor Show, it’s been installed in almost every Audi model. Grunty, nimble, and with plenty of potential, Audi’s A6, A7, SQ5, Q7, S4 and S5 models all have them. While gains vary between models and ECU types, let’s look at one of the more common cars on New Zealand roads – the early version S4.

Stock: 329HP and and 440Nm of torque. Enough? No, definitely not! Somebody stole another 80HP and 80Nm torque from you! The culprits are: tax regulations for power output, different fuel programmings and the fact that Audi still needs tomarket the RS4 as the fastest A4.

Stage 2 – Or How to Scare RS4’s

But wait, there’s more – quite a bit more! At this point, minor hidden mods come into play. A smaller supercharger pulley, suitable supercharger belt, panel filter, and of course a bespoke ECU remap from EuroSurgeon.

Right at this stage, you’ll have RS4 power and with some quality fuel you will be solid 0.4 seconds quicker at quarter mile run. We would also recommend remapping the transmission to help with shift times and patterns.

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