Annual Servicing


Our Team is dedicated to Provide Peace of Mind with our Service Packages & Service inspections.

Providing care to Your Euro to maintain Performance in its Lifetime.

Your Full Service inspection includes the following Checks:

  • Top up of all fluids if below specifications
  • All bushes checked
  • Suspension inspection
  • Caster adjusters – lower control arm inspection
  • Brake inspection (pads and rotors)
  • Test for moisture contaminants in brake and power steering fluids
  • Grease all hinges
  • Air filter removal and cleaning
  • Spark plug check
  • Fuel filter inspection
  • Diagnostic scan for fault codes



If any components are found to be in need of repair or replacement or will need attention in the Future.

Our Technical Advisors will be able to recommend a plan of action to get any upcoming or urgent repairs Resolved on your vehicle.

We have a wide range of Quality Parts available and can advise on the best options available based on Your Needs.